Friday, March 10, 2006

Houston...we have a problem.

Last night P and I arrived home to 4 inches of water sitting on our garage floor. It appears that some ice clogged the eaves-troughs which resulted in an excess amount of water backing up and pooling on a small dip in front of our garage, which then proceeded to leak inside the garage. With all the rain we had yesterday, it didn't take long to accumulate.

P & I were in Ottawa later than usual last night, so we called our neighbour to come and let our rent-a-pooch (Kira) out for a pee. He gladly agreed to do the favour, but then called us to give us the bad news about the water situation.

P drove like Mario Andretti to get home in under 15 minutes in order to examine the situation. Immediately after we received the phone call from our neighbour, I pictured Kira clinging to life on the very last stair to the house, but was relieved to find out that the water had only made its way half way up the garage floor. Kira's food and bone were safely resting on the floor without any water near them, although she was enjoying bathing in her new indoor pool.

This was the first major maintenance problem that we've had with the house since we bought it. I was eager buy a house and of course I still think that it's one of the best decisions we've made, but the joy about renting was that when you had a problem with your place you just phoned the landlord and it became their problem. Clearly...not the case for homeowners. I will say that P would make a very good landlord, he's quick to repair the situation and only uses the F-word about 10 to 15 times while doing the repair job -- not bad in my books. I will take him anyday over the landlords I've had in the past. The girls from 130-O can relate to evil Ivan who thought that a bathtub falling through the floor into the kitchen was sufficient for 6 girls to shower in for 3 years, but that story will make a good post all on its own (another time)!

To sum up our evening, the water was cleared, the rain stopped and we ordered pizza to take our mind off of the incident. All I will say today is TGIF!