Monday, March 06, 2006

Can we get a dog...PLEASE

So for months now I have been hounding P to get a dog. But as usual, Mister Voice of Doom gives me all the excuses my parents gave me when I was a child.

  • We're never home.
  • It's not fair to the dog.
  • It's a big responsibility Sara....
  • You know you have to walk it and feed it everyday, not just when you feel like it....

And on ...and on... and on!

But after the events of last night, I think I've reconsidered my need for a dog.

This week, P & I are looking after his brother's dog, Kira (and I should add, we are doing this favour while P's family is off sun tanning in CUBA for a week - perhaps the jealously has set in -- as I look at my pasty white skin...but back to Kira!) She is a really good dog...and I have fallen in love with her in the 3 short days we've had her. Last night I cooked a nice dinner (roast beef, potatoes, corn, salad) P came home from reffing and we sat down to eat... it wasn't 5 minutes into the meal, when Kira decides that she needs to be sick right under the dinner table, and I am not talking a little burp, I mean 2 pounds of dog food mushed up and nicely assembled on the floor for your pleasure.

Can you say 'there goes my appetite'.

The poor thing, she just started puking and we let her outside and she puked some more on the deck, and then at the side of the house. We thought she done, so we let her back in, and there she goes again on the floor, and then on the door mat this time. I really felt bad for her the first three times, but I have to admit, once the mat fell victim to her vomit, my 'poor thing' attitude dimished just a bit.

I have no idea what made her sick....but she really did a number on our floors. P spent most of the night washing the floors, the deck, and everything else she came in contact with during the episode.

She did manage to recover a few hours after dinner. We gave her a little bit of dog food and she managed to get through the night. So we will see how she is tonight.

However, having gone through that last night, and having P do most of the clean up, I've come to the conclusion that dog sitting for a few people here may be the answer to the question 'Can we please get a dog'. They're sooo cute....BUT...I'm not convinced that we really need a dog that bad anymore.