Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dumb & Dumber

So it's no secret that I don't exactly LOVE the french training that I am on these days, but I still believe that it is better than being at work and having to suffer through the daily annoyance of listening to the public servant that sits across the wall from my office (don't get me started on that). However, I think I have discovered my equivilant annoyance here at my French school.

There happens to be two women who I would guess are a tad bit older than moi....but who are the most annoying two woman you have ever met. The majority of students at the school do work for CRA, but in this case I hope these women work for HRDC or some department of the government that doesn't happen to be known for its intellegence.

Let me set the scene for you....actually, let's skip that and get to the annoying part about the dynamic duo. For the sake of this post, let's refer to these ladies as Dumb & Dumber.

Dumb & Dumber work 3 classrooms down the hall from my classroom and they have voices that talk about 8 octaves louder than the average person. We normally work with our classroom door closed, but we still hear them - plain as day - bantering away as if being on language training is some sort of a field trip (perhaps Mr. Harper will deem this course a field trip and get me the hell out of me exuse).

It took me weeks before I openly commented about these ladies, but everytime I saw them my blood pressure would rise... the icing on the cake comes when they enter the computer lab earlier this week and begin their discussion on how they are going to start a protest web site on why Hailey Wickenheiser should be allowed to play in the NHL. Picture two non-athletic type females discussing this....I mean I love Hailey Wickenheiser just as much as the next Canadian, but I am not about to spew off at the mouth or go as far as to start a web site.

Here's an idea....why don't you talk to Hail...and see if she is even interested in this big idea before you start up your hell no we won't go web site. Clearly this post is just a rant but if you could honestly see the stupidity I have to encounter each day I am here, you would be able to relate to my insanity around this place.

On a lighter note, I enjoyed an awesome dinner last night at my friend Roz's... she claims she doesn't do much cooking but she made a great meal and we enjoyed a few glasses of wine while looking at my wedding scrapbook and playing with her adorable doggie (can we get a dog....please!). The evening was a lot of fun --- much better than having to listen to Dumb & Dumber during the course of the day.

Does anyone else have daily encounters with social morans or is it just me?