Monday, March 27, 2006

Role Reversal

And they're off.....

This morning I got up and took my parents to the airport as they were catching a flight to Florida. We went for a nice breakfast and then I dropped them off at the airport. What a werid experience. Usually, it's my parents dropping me off at the airport and sending me on my way, but today, I pulled up to the departures lane, unloaded the luggage, and sent them threw the front doors -- I drove away thinking 'geez....that was weird'. They didn't seem to mind the situation either, they both smiled and said 'okay...see you next Tuesday'.

You have to wonder...who is the child and who are the parents here!!

Last night, we drove into Ottawa for dinner, so my Dad and P could hit Golf Town. My Mom and I went to IKEA and then we had a nice dinner at Baton Rouge. After dinner we drove home and Mom and I ended up in our basement going through odds and ends of stuff I was looking to get rid of. I was going through a few tubs, saying 'do you think you would use this?' and she would say yes or no. The same bewilderment crossed my mind - it was odd - usually she is the one going through things around her house and saying to me 'do you think you would use these' or 'I don't know if you want this or not, but if you do, take it'. Last night Mom was able to fill a woole rubbermaid tub with things that she was going to take back home with her, but again it was weird....when did the role reversal take place...or better yet, my transition into full adulthood? Obviously, I missed it.

Since P and I have been in the house and have been married, I find myself thinking more and more about all the responsibilities we have. I often wonder how did we get to this place in our lives. It still feels like yesterday that I was asking my Mom (and then my Dad) if I could have some money to go to the store and get a treat at Lawrence's MiniMart.

I guess no matter when the transition has happened, but I bet I can still get some money out of my parents for at least a treat!! Even better, since they're on vacation for the week, god knows what I could get away with having their truck parked in my driveway -- I told my Dad before he left that we were going to put an orange tarp in the back of the truck, fill it with water, and let it heat up all week. Then next weekend, we would invite over 20 of our closest friends and have a pool party in our driveway -- oh that's right...I can still be the child here!