Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Anyone want to play in traffic?

Monday, as you may recall, I was in a good mood, and while I thought that good mood may carry over during the week, it appears that Good Mood Monday has disappeared faster than chocolate milk in the refrigerator (at least our fridge).

Tuesday, French was long and painful journey through the passé composé, and while I understand the concept and when it should be used, I sound like a bumbling idiot when I try to actually utilize the past tense en français.

Today, was yet another reminder of how long this course is actually going to be -- generally most days I feel like I have accomplised something, but this week my french fatigue has really set-in and it doesn't appear to be taking a vacation anytime soon.Each morning the teacher asks you how are you doing (like a normal english conversation), but since my classmates and I only have the vocabulary to answer 'good' in french that is all we respond with. I have come to realize that they only teach you the answers 'good' or 'very good', as they're not interested in hearing the real answers.

I guess the large part of my problem is that I hate repetition, and every day the schedule is basically the same -- warm up exercise, a few activities, a break, a few more activities, 'bout we do some activities after lunch, another break, why not wrap up with AN ACTIVITY. I hate activities....but even more then the activities, I hate being put on the spot. If the teacher asks you a question and you give him an answer, and it's the wrong answer, he will re-ask you the same question in hopes that you accidentally gave him the wrong answer on purpose. I feel like saying (screaming) 'obviously I don't know the right answer or I would have given it to you in my first answer.'

I don't believe learning French should be rocket science, but you have to wonder somedays. The other night I caught part of Oprah -- she was talking about the Invisible Poor -- it broke my heart to see these families really struggling just to put food on the table and support their kids. The one mother said she was happy because she had her kids and her husband and that is all she really wanted from life, but watching that show really put everything into perspective for me --- while I hate French I do know that it is a privledge to have the oppourtunity to learn a second language for the sole fact that I will probably end up with a better job when I finished (if I ever finish). I shouldn't be complaining all the time, but it seriously does get me down.

I think I'll go grab a coffee, and contemplate playing in traffic on my lunch hour.Thank god I have plans to go to Pizza Hut tonight with Clapper and Air....or else the day would be a complete disappointment.

Here's for hoping Thursday is a better day in this roller coaster ride called French language training.