Thursday, March 23, 2006

Potty Mouth

Last week I burned myself a new CD for the Escape. I had about a list of 10 songs that I wanted to put on the CD, but then I had to search the charts for a few more songs in order to fill an entire CD. One song that I came across was by Eminem called Shake That...I previewed the song online and heard the chorus which goes like this (move your head rapper style):

Shake that ass for me, shake that ass for me
C'mon girl, shake that ass for me, shake that ass for me
Ohh girl, shake that ass for me, shake that ass for me
C'mon girl, shake that ass for me, shake that ass for me

I know it's probably not the nicest choice of words for a twenty-something catholic-girl to be singing, but the beat was just so addictive. I decided to download it and put it on the CD. I was pretty pleased with all my selections, until I heard the entire version of the song --have you heard it? It's a DIRTY DIRTY song, worse than the famous tune from my University days called Put it in your mouth (which the girls from 130-O knew all the words to).

All I can say is that my Mother and Father, or for that matter, parents in general will not be pleased with Eminem's choice of lyrics. If I had kids in their teens, there is no way in hell that they would be allowed to listen to anything by Eminem -- but particularly not this song. However, since I'm a grown adult, I will continue to listen to it knowing that it's a bad song.

At any rate...I am not a fan of the lyrics because like I said, it's a DIRTY DIRTY song (it refers to some sexual activity that nobody wants the hear the details about) but here is where is gets complicated. I've listen to the song about a dozen times or so and even though the lyrics are bad, the tune just sticks with you. I find myself singing bits and pieces of the song all day long (and it doesn't matter what part of the song you choose, it all sounds bad...very bad). The more I sing it, the more I realize what a little potty mouth I have.

P has caught onto the song too (although he already has a potty mouth), and now we are at home reciting the lyrics back and forth to one another -- it's a hilarious, but if anyone ever caught wind of these lyrics out of context, I have to wonder what they would think of us.

If you've heard this song on the radio, it's practically the instrumental version because they have to bleep out the f-bombs and all the other derogatory terms used -- which is practically every second word. This is good, because you still get the beat without the dirty lyrics, however, it's probably going to turn into something like Billy Idol's hit song Mony Mony -- where even though the dirty lyrics weren't sung by Billy himself, everyone and their dog knew the dirty parts and shouted them at the top of their lungs at the appropriate parts (not me of course, but some people I knew!).

What I have come to realize through the years is that our tolerance for potty mouths on television, the radio, or in literature has definitely increased over the years (my Mother wouldn't exactly agree with this statement, as her tolerance has always been the same - she has none -- especially for the f-bomb, although P has slowly tried to change her opinion!).

10 years ago if the word bitch was used in a movie, there was no questions asked, it was rated R, but today, Disney is practically making Beauty and the Bitch their next big hit. I will say that I know my mouth can get the best of me, especially at work or when I am frustrated, but this new song by Eminem has sunk to a whole new low.

I picture my kids in 15 years, going through Mommy and Daddy's CD collection and coming across this 7 year old will be singing 'met a bad bitch last night at the D...c'mon girl shake that ass for me...' - Oh god, what have I done!