Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Laundry & Leisure

Yesterday, I was a LAZY bum. I say with this much enthusiam, because although I ditched French to do this, I do not feel any remorse. The day was beautiful....and I took full advantage of it. I did nothing.....well, that's not true, I did laundry....but between loads, that's when I did nothing. I couldn't even bring myself to check my email, or make a post on here. That's how stinkin lazy I was....and I loved every minute of it. Laundry & Leisure....the perfect Tuesday in my books. The second best part was that I had curling last night in Maxville, so I didn't even have to cook a meal - oh the life!!!

Last night driving home from curling, my sister-in-law Ange and I were discussing the life of leisure, and how it would be ideal to have the summers off. Work would be so much more enjoyable if you knew you could have July & August off, no strings attached. You would work and feel stressed for 10 months out of the year, knowing that July & August were free to spend at the cottage or doing whatever the heck you wanted.

We did bring up the fact that teachers currently enjoy this life style, but I don't particularly think I would be a good teacher (and lord knows you don't want me teaching your kids -- I have no patients for those who are learning!). Ange is currently a certified teacher, and she would make a good teacher, but she too is not into the teaching option at this point in her life.

Besides teaching, I don't know what other legal professions currently enjoy this option. My friend Kristy, her boyfriend works for the Coast Guard, and he currently enjoys a month off at time. This year, he will enjoy the majority of his summer from the comfort of his own home, but the downfall in that job is that he is away from home for a whole month and as a trade off has to work the month of December -- he does enjoy his job, but that wouldn't be ideal for me.

The other option would be to have kids, one after the other, timed perfectly so that maternity leave works out during the summer months. However, the trade off here is that you would actually end up with a pile of kids, which would then result in no time for leisure. While maternity leave is an option, it's only a temporary solution -- and not an ideal one for me (at this time).

Short of taking over the country and shuting down government offices for July and August, I think I will be committed to working through the summer for the next 30 years. The life of leisure will have to be reduced to the precious three weeks of holidays that I get, and of course the odd sick day. However, the good part about these types of thoughts is that it keeps me day dreaming, and day dreaming definitely puts in the time at while I contemplate how to actually take over the world, I also get through another dreaded day of French - and this a good thing!

Anyone else have some bright ideas on how to get the summers off?