Tuesday, September 21, 2010

AKON Baby Mama Drama!

I had to chuckle at this... a colleague of mine Google'd my name and sent me the link to the top hit of search results! Apparently Sara Coleman caused some major Baby Mama Drama for singer AKON back in 2009. A year later, its still a top hit! The sad part is E was born around the same time at the baby in this story!

Wonder if I am entitled to the royalties from his hit song!

I just imagine how the conversation would go at home.

Me: We just hit the jackpot.
PC: Really? Whadda mean?
Me: E's real dad is AKON, and we're entitled to 50% of his earnings.
PC: Sweet - let's go to Vegas baby!

Okay... some maybe I'd have some 'splain'n to do, but you know in the end it would be happily ever after for The Coleman's living on AKON's money!