Monday, June 15, 2009

Swinging Weekend!

This past weekend productive.... I seemed to get a lot of stuff done around the outside of the house, but more than that, E had a new experience, which he LOVES - the SWINGS!

We went for a big walk on Saturday morning, and discovered a new play area in another development. I can see ourselves trucking to this play area often when E is a bit older and can request it! At any rate... when we stumbled upon the playground, we decided to stop and see if E would fit in the swings there.

He was a bit too small, but we packed him with some blankets and one of my sweaters and away we went... he started giggling instantly - he loved it! By the time I figured out how to work the video function on my blackberry, he got the giggling under control, but the smile and shrieking was still evident.

Check it out...

Since the video is a little grainy on You Tube... he are a couple of pics - he has his mouth wide open the entire time!

Since he had so much fun in the swings Saturday, we decided should get him a swing of his own... so PC headed out to CT on Sunday morning and picked one up, and then hung it in the garage for him. By Sunday afternoon, PC was cleaning up the garage and I was cleaning out the Escape, and E was happily swinging away in his swing watching us!

See... he absolutely loves it, and that is why I had such a great weekend! What did you get up to this past weekend? Did it involve swings?

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