Thursday, November 02, 2006

Parents Arrive Tomorrow ... Ahhhhhhhh!

This weekend, my parents are coming to town - and I've been too busy to clean my house.

Can you say: FREAKING OUT.

This week has been hectic because last weekend was so busy that I didn't get around to my usual general maitenance. Monday was all about getting groceries and getting to bed at a decent time so the rest of this week would not be crappy. Tuesday was Halloween, no time to do anything, except talk to my parents and confirm their ETA (estimated arrival time). Last night, we went to Rideau Carelton to celebrate FIL's birthday, and tonight I have curling.

Tomorrow afternoon the 'rents arrive, and I've had no time to devote to cleaning the house! I tend to be a bit obsessive about having my house in proper order. Everything has a spot, and everything has to be in that spot or I feel as though someone will notice.

Usually women get up-tight about the state of their household with their Mother-In-Law comes to visit, but for me, it my own Mother. Why? I have no idea. She doesn't obsess over her own household when PC and I come to town (except for the fact that she has to have Chocolate Milk and all of PC's other favourites on hand for when he arrives - but me? her own flesh and blood.... who cares!)

My parents have been here many times before, and maybe that's the problem. They know my standards, so if they walk in the front door and see that its not up to snuff... they might think I'm slipping. Okay, so that's probably not the case for my Dad (or my Mom for that matter) ... but its the case for me! I obsess over these personal standards for no reason!

The part that bothers me the most is that I am not exactly sure why or how I became so obsessive about house cleanliness because as my Mother will recall, I was a complete slob when I lived in her house for 18 years.

Its something I must have picked up since I've moved to Ottawa. I am not exactly sure where I learned this from, perhaps it was the fact that I lived in a 2x2 box (a.k.a. Thompson Residence) during my first year of University and if I didn't keep things tidy, I would not have been able to get out the door. I don't know, but it makes for some interesting times at our house these days.

For instance, take the conversation PC and I had yesterday.

Me: Do you ref Thursday night?
PC: Maybe, why?

Me: Because I neeeeed the bathroom cleaned before Friday.
PC: I know you neeeeeeeeeeeeeed the bathroom cleaned Sara, it will get done.

Me: When?
PC: Tomorrow.

Me: At what time?
PC: To. mor. row.

Hmmm.... can you detect a bit of tension in the Coleman household? I think so!

The bathroom has always been a sore point for me. I don't clean bathrooms very well, so PC has taken over this task since we began living together 3 years ago. The bathroom has to be cleaned for my parent's arrival, because my Mother knows how awful I am at cleaning this room. She used to lecture me on how to clean it properly when I was younger. I just never got it, and my roommates from University will attest to the fact that I avoided cleaning that space for the entire 3 years we lived together.

I DON'T DO BATHROOMS, end of story.

So... here we are Thursday morning, the bathrooms will most likely get cleaned today (or divorce may be pending). I will have to skip out on after-curling drinks, rush home, whip a vacuum around the house, a dust rag, wash some towels and sheets and pray that my personal standard will be upheld upon my parent's arrival tomorrow!

Sheeeeeeesh! The personal agongy of trying to impress a few Northerners, why I continue to put myself through this stress is beyond me... but like any obsession... it will continue for many years to come!