Monday, August 28, 2006

Bad deeds will catch up with you!

NOTE: Give yourself a few extra minutes to take in today's post. It is extra long in order to account for the events of this past weekend, pooled with today's unfortunate event! I apologize for the lengthiness in advance.

If this were an appropriate forum to swear like a trucker, I would be droppin f-bombs like they were worth money.

HONESTLY... I am so freakin mad right now, but I know that today's incident is probably a result of my bad deeds on the weekend.

Let's recap... Saturday, Kristy, Erica, Eva and I took the day and headed to
this place, Le Nordik Spa Scandinave, a relaxing little paradise in Old Chelsea. We spent 5 hours there and were feeling pretty darn lazy afterwards, as we did NOTHING but sit around relaxing, in the saunas, in the pools, in the hot tubs, in the lounger chairs... it was by far the best day I have had in a very long time.

Saturday evening, it took a bit for us to get motivated to go out, but we all managed to put on a brave face and greet downtown Ottawa with our drinkin' faces. So... what seemed like it would be a regular night out, turned out to be a little more adventurous than an old married woman and her friends might expect.

As the bar announced 'last call for alcohol' ... my friends and I were just warming up. We sang the DJ out of good dancing tunes, right into the painful last slow dance song of the evening. Our D.D (partly designated, partly drunk driver) happened to be some crazy guy named Adam (funny guy) an accountant by day, but a damn good driver by night. Somehow (and I don't really know how) we ended bumming a smoke from some random dudes on the streets because WE DON'T SMOKE, and then lighting the damn thing like we did smoke, BUT WE DON'T. And then somehow, the following events occurred.