Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Finally... the vacation pics!

Its been over two weeks since PC and I returned from our vacation in the North! I was meaning to post pictures from the trip, but the more time that passes, the less I can think of a good post to go within.

So... I have decided to bore you with a less than adequate post on the vacation and cut right to the pictures.

The short of the long is that we had a great trip... as you will see played a little baseball (in which the Bellerose men won their first game in at least a decade! but then lost their next two - minor detail), and then we headed across the border to the Brimley State Park.... to do some camping with fam-damily! PC and I managed to survive 4 whole nights in the tent, together, in sub-zero temperatures... thank god for young love, or we might have froze to death! We did some shopping, PC golfed, and let's not forget my encounter with seniors porn! (If you miss that post... click here)

The vacation was by far the best time I have had at home in many trips. I think last year, with the excitement of the wedding, and constant 'to do' list to complete during every trip, this was the first time that I have be able to really relax and enjoy the company of my family, without the roller coaster called 'stress' along for the ride.

Good times were had by all.... and if it were for the 8 hour road trip between us and the need to retain our jobs and have a steady income, we would definitely do it more often!

So without further ado.... here are some pics!!!