Monday, July 03, 2006

A drunken public pee has consequences

Today I picked up the local Ottawa Sun only to stumble upon this article. I have to say I am torn on this issue. The story tells the tale of how some young punks were caught on camera pissing on the National War Monument after the fireworks on Canada Day.

Now... let the record show that urniating anywhere in a public place is not a nice thing to do, let alone choosing a public national monument to do your business - but here is where the argument plane takes a crash landing for me on this issue.

These punks (and I will refer to them as that because that is exactly what I think are) were no doubt blitzed out their tree when they suddenly decided that it was time to release some pressure from their blatters. Did they stop in a crowd of 80,000 people and say 'look... there is the National War Monument.... I going to urinate on it?' -- it's highly doubtful... they more than likely had this thought:

'Dude.... I gotta piss.... I going over there by that rock thing.'

'THERE' being the National Monument, but to them, just another piece of concrete in the downtown core of the capital city.

I am torn on this issue because I feel that although I am in favor of charges being laid for indecent behaviour in a public place, I would like to know what kind of contingency plan the city of Ottawa and the federal government have when it comes to things like this. They surely must have realized that things like public urnination could occur when they choose to construct a monument of this magnitude on one of the busiest blocks in the city of Ottawa.

I am not condoning what these individuals did, public drunknesses is by no means a defense, but in all seriousness... it was Canada Day in the capital city... and for anyone who has experienced Ottawa on this national holiday, if all that happened in the streets of Ottawa was public urination, I would like to think we as Ottawa citizens got off easy.

I not sure where to place my torch on this one... while I feel for the war veterans who had to witness this display of disrespect because of the stupidity of a few drunks... I would truly like to believe that these punks were none the wiser at the time of incident, and when they saw the morning news, they were just as surprised to themselves in the paper, as the rest of us.

On much more happier note, P and I rang in Canada Day weekend in Sharbot Lake with my old crew from University. I will post some pics of our 1st Annual CampFest weekend when I have bit more time (tomorrow hopefully).