Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A trip down memory lane!

Today during my lunch hour, I decided to head over the University (of Ottawa) to hit up the campus bookstore. For a few months now I have been desperately wanting some new Ottawa U gear... there is nothing like a good Ottawa U sweatshirt to curl up in, during those ultra lazy days.

So... with this notion, I jumped on the bus and proceeded to get off at the Campus stop. When the driver let me off, I headed down the stairs, through the tunnel and up the steps to the Vanier building. I stopped for a moment and took it all in (like as if I had been out of school for 20 years). There I stood with this smirk on face for about 30 seconds before I realized what I was doing. I stood there frozen as if I had walked into a time machine. As lame as it sounds, I almost had a tear!

When people say to you 'enjoy your years at university, they are the best years of your life' - they were DAMN RIGHT!

I never thought that I missed University so much, until I stood on the campus today and thought about the 4 years I spent there. As I looked around, I had stupid little memories of things that happened to me or my roommates at every corner of that school - oh the good ol' days. Of course there were the bad ol' days as well, but the goods one definitely outnumbered the bad.

As I entered the University Center, it was if I had never left.... the door to the Foot Patrol office was starring me in the face, with some loser working the desk, as per usual. I swear they only ever allowed geeks to work there. Then of course there was the 2 CIBC bank machines in the other corner. I remember the day I first went to see the campus before I had decided to go there... my mother noted that there was CIBC bank machines on site, and once I accepted my admission's offer, she immdiately made me open an account with CIBC!

When I finally reached the bookstore, I was surprised to see that they actually had security panels at the doorway, so you couldn't steal anything (anymore). I proceeded to buy a few UofO items and then headed across campus back to French class.

As I was walking out the other side of campus (the side I like to refer to as my old homebase) I saw Thompson residence, the residence I lived in during my first year there. If walls could talk... I bet that place would have some stories to tell. It was a crazy first year... as I look at my life now and the lives at my close friends from University, all I can do is laugh - we had some pretty decent days in that hole of building -- who knew you could share a 6x6 box with another person for a whole year and not commit suicide -- honestly... I don't think I could it again, but at the time it was paradise.

So many things have changed, yet some many things are still the same -- mostly the fact that stories I remember from Thompson are about people (friends) who are still a huge part of my life -- and I guess that is the silver lining of it all.

As I exited my side of campus, I saw the hot dog vendor that sold me one too many dogs in my days there. It was the same man, with the same menu, and surprising the same prices. Some things have changed, but so much of it is still the campus I remembered, and loved!

I know this is kind of a sappy post today, but I really was taken for a ride on the little roller coaster we like to call EMOTIONAL. Don't get me wrong, life is pretty fantastic these days, but its a lot of fun to reminise about years gone by --- I guess that why we call them memories!