Friday, June 30, 2006


I could have posted this last night, but was too busy laughing to myself to even compose anything. I know this story was definitely the 'you had to be there' kind, but nonetheless, I will recount last night's celebrity encounter, and I am sure after reading this you will think to yourself ... I guess I had to be there.

Air, Clapper, Baby, and I met for dinner last at the Lonestar in Ottawa... it has been a long time since the four of us had been together so there was no trouble making conversation. Somewhere throughout the conversation I got the nickname Delma, because Air can not spell the world dilemma, thus making me thing that she wrote an email last week about a woman named Delma who was chopping fire wood in the middle of Hwy 7 - like I said... HAD TO BE THERE.

As Air proceeded to leave the table to go to the bathroom, I saw this scruffy looking character walk by, and then clued in that that it was one the of the guys (hippies) who won the last Amazing Race. As I annouced this at the table, Baby had this dumb look on her face like 'what the hell are you talking about' - then Clapper is so taken by the fact that the scruffy looking character has on bright orange pants with a dark red top, that she can't focus on his face.

As I try to make Baby recall the last Amazing Race where the two hippies won the million dollars, she is still confused saying 'which Amazing Race, the one with the couples?' -- Clapper and I bursted out laughing... 'they all had couples B-A-B-Y'. No sooner does Baby take a time out to process the information, does the second hippy walk by, halt at our table, and takes a seat.

Baby is thinking to herself: who the hell is this guy, he is butt ugly, and looks awful.

Clapper, quicker on the uptake, starts chatting away with the dude.
Air, back from the washroom, is a little taken by his appearance, but nonetheless, engages in conversation.
Baby.... well Baby is still in a daze at this point.

The hippy, introduces himself as Tyler, and gets our names... Erica, Sara, April, and Erin. But on the second recall, he goes with Erica, Sara, Violet, and Stephaine. Baby is back in the game during this point, she thinks the guy is alright, but still hasn't clued into exactly who he is.

As Tyler, leaves the table, Baby starts with the quesitons, and the conversation goes like this:

BABY: who was that?
ME: O.M.G -- Baby... it was the dude from Amazing Race, the hippies that won the last Amazing Race.

Air: Really... they won it? I don't remember them winning it, WOW... that's cool that they WON.
Clapper: Yeah.. Sar, if you hadn't said that before he came to the table, I would have still been wondering about their attire.

Baby: (3 minutes later). So they won the last Amazing Race?
Everyone: YEAH
Baby: So they won 1 million dollars?
Everyone: (in hysterics) Y-E-S.
Baby: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeell.... SHIT. If I have known that, I would have been way more excited when he was at the table.

When Baby came out with the 'Weeeeeeeeeeeell... SHIT' line, I spit my drink out on myself (literally). The look on her face when she was processing all the information was priceless.

I know.... you had to be there.

The night went on with more 'had to be there' moments. Baby forgot the name of the first hippy (Tyler) and kept calling him Bruce. The second hippy came by our table too, and Baby and Air introduced themselves as Violet and Stephaine to him. His name was BJ, I said AJ, and then DJ. Then of course we laughed over the fact that his name was BJ (use your imagination people). And finally, somewhere in the converation everyone wonder if Jeff Probst (from Survivor) was with there with them -- I am dying laughing right now while typing this... but of course YOU HAD TO BE THERE.

Today, I am off from French. Our whole class is off, because the teacher started her vacation today... so its good times for everyone involved. I am spending the day preparing everything P and I will need to take for the 1st Annual 130-0 Camp Fest Weekend. It's going to be a long day of preparations, but well worth it in the end. Monday's post will definitely may be full of more had to be there' moments, but of course I will try to take some pics to do the stories justice.

NOTE: Faithful reader Lucy Rolland turns 39 today..... so here is wishing her a healthy and happy day, month, and year ahead!! Santé/Cheers!