Monday, June 26, 2006

Wedding by Day, Camping by Night

This weekend, P and I travelled to Manitoulin Island to attend a wedding of a friend of mine. My dear friend Terri and her new husband David, exchanged vows Saturday afternoon, during a beautiful ceremony in her parents front yard. The weather could not have been better for this lovely couple.

In a tear-jerking ceremony, Terri and David exchanged vows that they wrote themselves - by far the most sentimental and romantic ceremony I have attended in my history of wedding crashing!

Terri looked beautiful... as did the entire wedding party. The evening was most enjoyable as well... David's parent wrote a song for their son and his new bride and had it recorded and put onto a CD by a local musican, I have never seen anything like that done before in my life! It was a moment of laughter and tears for everyone there... a sweet sweet song to a well known tune, a song just for them!

As well, an extra treat for the audience was the couple's first dance, in which Terri and David impressed their crowd by some swanky ball room dancing moves that they have been practising for a while - perhaps they may be future contestants on Dancing with the Stars... somehow I doubt David will be up for that, but Terri definitely has some potential the famous dipping pose she managed to pull off at the end of the song!

P and I had a great time... the wedding was definitely worth the drive!

As well, P and I got spend some time with my parents as we roughed it their luxurious 5th wheel trailer. I swear there is more room in their trailer then there was in our old apartment. The length of beds leave something to be desired in P's mind... he is just too long for the trailer beds! We roasted a few marshmellows, ate some Cowboy Steaks, and just got a chance to catch up with my soon-to-be officially retired father and his lovely maid, I mean wife (a.k.a MOM)!

Although the drive back seemed somewhat long, we broke the trip up with a quick tour of North Bay from the soon-to-be Chief of North Bay City Police, Mr. Darcy Wall, and a stop at the Laurentien Dairy in Deep River to cap off a great weekend with an ice cream cone!

Since I absolutely love weddings and wedding photos I have attached a few from the day and evening... so enjoy. This wedding marks the mid-way point on this summer's wedding tour.... final stop, Maxville... July 8th!