Tuesday, June 27, 2006

An encounter with Dumbo, aujourd'hui.

NOTE: Before I get started with today's rant, I would like to give a shout out to my best friend Kristy Barbie Shagnasty Shaughnessy, who turns 26 today! Although we are miles apart, I am sending you tons of birthday wishes today! Hope you are having a great day, and I can't wait to see you this weekend!

Now... the show must go on!

Today I had my annual visit to the family doctor. While I generally enjoy my doctor, her medical receptionist is a dumb dumb twit (and I say that in the nicest way possible).

This lady, who calls herself a receptionist, but I like to refer to as Dumbo, is consistely bad with computers, bad with telephones, bad with technology in general. When I called a month ago to make the appointment I explained to her that my name had changed, yida yida yida, and she took 20 minutes over the phone to input the correct information. When I showed up to the office today, I slap down my health card as requested and Dumbo vigorously (slow as turtle to me, but racing like a jack rabbit to her) searches the computer appointment software for my information.

And this is when we have the following conversation:

Dumbo: Are you sure you have an appointment today?
Me: Yes at 1:30.

Dumbo: I don't see you on the schedule... what doctor are you seeing?
Me: That's funny, I see myself on the schedule (as I firmly plant my index finger on her screen).

Dumbo: That's can't be... unless you changed your name? But I usually call to confirm and I didn't call a Sara Coleman.
Me: Yes I did change my name, and you called me yesterday and confirmed the appointment.

Dumbo: Oh... well when you change your name you need to call us and report the new information.
Me: Oh... like when I called last month to book this appointment and you changed everything in computer while I was on the phone with you for 20 minutes?

Dumbo: Oh did I... ? This darn computer has been giving me a lot of trouble, it must have not saved your new information.

As Dumbo had this astonished look on her face, I thought to myself:
That's funny, when I was here 15 months ago, seems to me the computer was giving you trouble then -- take a computer course, or quit your job lady!

Honestly... she has zero to zip social skills, she's brutal when it comes to technology, and top it all off when it came time for her to call me into the exam room, she says 'Cara Coleman' - you can have a seat in Room 3.

CARA COLEMAN - you're kidding me.

What a day at the doctor's office!! After my exam, the doctor asked Dumbo to make a copy of my immunization record from 1980, to which Dumbo innocently says: Oh... Sara Bellerose, is she coming in later today to pick this up?

Oh my god... that was the last straw (actually Cara Coleman was the last straw, but this just double underlined and highlighted the last straw)! If it wasn't for the doctor, which I really do like, I would be on first ambulance out of there. Dumbo is frustrating to say the least... however after my encounter with her, I did realize that there is definitely more frustrating things in this world then the French language... so I guess that was today's lesson... as they say, when you lose the fight, don't lose the lesson!