Saturday, August 21, 2010

Taking after Mommy!

This is a boy after my own heart! I don't think I was into computers and stuff when I was his age, because well - The Commador 64 hadn't been invented yet - but right now, I find nothing more relaxing and interesting that chilling on the couch with the laptop... surfing the web or watching an episode of Friday Night Lights!

In E's case... its Backyardigans DVDs, he will watch the same episodes over and over again if you let him (which we don't) but we usually let him watch one episode while we are making dinner, and this why... he's most relaxed boy on the planet! Don't get me wrong, he's an active boy all. the. time., but I am so happy that he can kick back and watch a show and ENJOY it!

Hugs to you E, Mommy loves you!

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