Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Daycare Express Lane!

Here's a typical end of day scenario for me:

It's 4:00 pm.

I look at the clock and think, time to pack-up... but it takes me another 10 minutes to actually pack-up, say goodbye to my team members and head out the door.

By the time I get to my car in the parking lot, I start the car and the clock reads '4:16 pm' - and I immediately think 'ahhhhhhhhhhh'

I work in the west end of Ottawa... and if you know Ottawa, you know I have to battle traffic on Hunt Club, day in, day out. Specifically traffic at Hunt Club and Prince of Wales - it brutal - no matter what time of year, what time of day, or what the weather is like.

On a good day... and were talking a good tail wind - it takes me 45 minutes door to door without any major mishaps along the way. So... in reality and with the stars aligned I have to be in the car by 4:15 pm if I am going to make it to daycare for 5pm - the absolute latest I can pick E up.

Lately, I have been pushing the limits... sometimes the clock reads '4:18' or god forbid '4:21'. In those cases, if I am going to make it to daycare on time I have to experience a few miracles along the way.

Enter: Daycare Express.

It's a side road once you exit at Embrun, and its filled with many cars driving at the same quick speed for the same purpose - the on-time daycare pickup. Once you hit this road, you know you have a hope of making your destination on time.

When I am driving on this road, rarely do I ever get stuck behind a slow-moving vehicle - because like me, all of the other drivers on the Daycare Express have their pedal to the medal. And its quite refreshing to see that others are in the same boat as me!

I feel as though the 417 (major highway in Ottawa) should also have a Daycare Express lane... because we parents don't mess around in traffic when it comes to the threat of paying $2.50 for every five minutes we are late, or worse in some cases, a $1.00 a minute.

I have to confess, I have been late a 'few' times, but I have the a daycare provider who is fairly tolerant - but no one likes to abuse that tolerance, especially not me.

In order to avoid being late everyday, I drive like a mad woman. I feel as though I should have a flashing light that says 'MOVE - I'm daycare pick-up duty,' - and then other drivers will know to move the bleep outta the way!

In the morning on my way to work, I am happy to let people in, in the line of traffic, or keep my cool if someone cuts me off. On the way home - entirely different story ... you cut me off, you can expect to pay! And now with pregnancy hormones in the mix... you seriously don't want to get up in my grill on my way home, I'm a loose canon and I could go off at any time - just try me!

Thank heavens for the Daycare Express road... many days it has saved me or at least got me there at 5:01 - but talk about a tense ride home. Every time I have to tap the brakes in the car, my blood pressure rises just a little as I watch the clock tick. It's an enormous stress!

Is it just a newbie parent thing, or is everyone who is faced with daycare duties a little stressed about the on-time pick-up? Do you have Daycare Express route that you rely on - or are you much more organized than me and just leave ON TIME, instead of 5 minutes late!